Living & Working in Poland

Are you looking forward to settling down in Poland? Poland is a vibrant and exciting country. Living in Poland has not always been a picnic.

Today, however, life in Poland is very pleasant, with people who are nothing but sociable and welcoming.

Culture and People

The majority of all people living in Poland (about 60%) have settled in the country’s urban areas. There are quite a few bigger towns in Poland, with life in Poland focusing on five of them, which qualify as major cities.

Warsaw, the country’s capital, alone has about 1.7 million inhabitants. Most inhabitants are of a Polish descent. In fact, there is only a small minority of Germans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Lithuanians, and Belarusians.

The country’s many traditions and local customs emerged from Latin and Byzantine influences and were strongly shaped by various European occupiers.

As mentioned above, life in Poland is mainly influenced by the geniality of the Polish people. The culture is a rather welcoming one.

Even if you do not speak the language fluently yet, you will probably be quickly included and find new friends in Poland.

Blue card

All kind of professionals can apply for a Blue card once they find an employer. This is valid initially for 2years and than extended for further 3 years and the person can work all over European Union in the Blue card scheme participating countries After 5 years

you can apply for Permanent Residence option.

If you like to live and work in Poland, Please download and fill up the excel file and send to us.