Our Multinational services has the overall aim of helping firms build value and manage investment risks through strategic cross-border management of the plan’s assets. We combine our core local expertise from around the world with our global resources to create a customized, coordinated service dependent on each client’s specific circumstances and objectives.

Within the global/local framework, our service is segregated into four areas: strategic planning, risk management, governance and implementation.

Within strategic planning we help multinational plan managers establish global strategic investment goals and identify global/local work plans to achieve those goals. It encompasses all aspects of plan management from investment to policy development to implementing cost effective global structures.

Within risk management, we focus on managing accounting, investments and funding risks, by quantifying, analyzing, and qualitatively assessing our clients’ risk profiles. Risks are reviewed at micro and macro levels.

Governance focuses on building an appropriate and robust framework for controlling investment on a consistent basis. Our services are focused on helping clients establish global policies and best practices, which enables our clients to build a framework for controlling and investment monitoring plans on a consistent basis.